Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Procrasti Nation

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a nation of only procrastinators? I mean I seriously would move there. Then people would expect you to "put it off" for another day. Think how much work would NOT get done. This thought was born out of utter annoyance of people asking me, "did you get that report done yet?" It's like, 'Yes, but I'm holding it here, completely done just so I can hear you ask the same question daily, thus annoying, me further, and thus causing me to HOLD the damn report another day'. If I was done with the danged report, I would give it to the proper people promptly! But it's not done, because I like to look at it, minimize it, resize it, stretch it out, minimize it again, change all the colors, change the font, reformat it, print preview it, then I like to press SAVE even though I didn't do anything to it. That last step is necessary in the event I actually DID do something. Notice to co-workers and bosses alike: If you give me a deadline, please don't ask about the piece of poo until the deadline. THANKS! I mean, if they want to have two deadlines, like a halfway deadline, and a final draft deadline, then fine, but why dog me throughout? Ok, that was a fun way to get such an insignificant complaint off my chest! Now I know why people Blog. This is awesome!

Monday, November 01, 2004

I frighten myself when I drink which is...

Why I ended up going home alone on Halloween...........

I did something so horribly embarrassing....I was dancing with this girl that I thought was dressed up as a pregnant Shakespearian woman and she said, "you can grab anything you want to" I reach out with both hands like I was going to grab her b00bs, then instead, quickly grabbed what I thought was going to be her fake stomach. It ended up being her REAL stomach....all jiggly and fat. I could have died.

A bottle of gin definitely impares one's rational thought process.